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Princess Academy 2023 INFORMATION

Princess Academy sessions will be hosted by different Princesses each week and will have an array of various themed activities planned for the kids from crafts, painting, sing-a-longs, dance parties and classes to their favourite princess songs, dress-up and tea parties, themed games, activities and so much more!


The program will also consist of short classes teaching the kids how to be "true royalty" such as how to do a proper Royal wave, curtsy, how to host a proper tea party, royal table manners, and how to be a proper kind and polite royal. At the end of every week completed, each child will be crowned a true Prince or Princess with a complimentary crown, sash, wand and certificate! 

Though the program is called Princess Academy, that is due to the fact that our Princesses will be teaching the program. We would love to see some royal Prince's join us in the program as well! 

Crafts, toys, paint, dress-up costumes, tea party treats and drinks are all provided by us. Lunch options can be purchased separately. 

Princess Academy Session Schedules

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