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About We Bring the Party



We Bring the Party is an Event Planning and Entertainment service that aims to provide only the best of the best theatrical performances at your events, "Making Your Dreams Come True". 

Our highly trained performers will leave you in awe after every performance. Let us bring the magic to you and see why We Bring the Party is the best choice for your parties in all of Northern Ontario. 


We Bring the Party is owned and operated by Sudbury's own Kassie Taylor (Kassandra Bazinet). Starting up the business in 2019, Kassie had no idea that her small business was about to go viral! After a video was posted of Kassie singing as Queen Anna to a little girl named Tiffany during the Quarantine (2020 Pandemic), the business unexpectedly sky rocketed and she was performing 10-12 shows a day! 

After the Quarantine We Bring the Party was voted GOLD in Community Votes for our event and planning services. "Well the people had certainly spoken", so Kassie decided to expand the business and add upwards to 30+ characters! 

We Bring the Party team members are all highly trained local performers with a passion for making dreams come true. 

Meet our official team below!


Kassie Taylor


Kassie is twenty-three years old from Sudbury, ON. She is a Communications Major at Laurentian University and a serial entrepreneur in Sudbury. Aside from operating 'We Bring the Party', Kassie also runs the 'Sudbury School of Performing Arts', 'Camp Star' and also owns her very own brand 'Kassie Taylor'. Kassie is friends with the Ice Queen, the Ice Princess, Rapunzel, the Little Mermaid and Poppy.


Trinity Thibeault

Performer/Social Media Coordinator

Trinity is no stranger to the stage, she has been performing since the age of 8. Her stunning vocals have been showcased in a number of performances including Les Miserables, Shrek: The Musical, The Little Mermaid, Billy Elliot and most recently All Shook Up with the Sudbury Performance Group. Trinity is friends with the Ice Princess, Beauty, Merida, and the Ice Queen.

Aiyana Louis


Aiyana's musical journey began with lessons in voice and dance at the ripe age of 4. Outside of performance, Aiyana is a student working toward her undergrad in Environmental Studies at Carleton University. Now at 18, she continues to perform in local productions, school shows, live vocal performances at cafe's and restaurants, and now she is very excited to be joining us at We Bring the Party! Aiyana is friends with Moana and Princess Tiana. 


Leah Gravelle


Leah is friends with the Ice Princess, the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel and Poppy

Fab Cinel


This young at heart hero serves justice as a licensed Paralegal by day, handing out justice as a web slinging, kid mentoring, anti-bullying advocate by night. Fab has and continues to work with kids by volunteering and mentoring through music at Young Canada Rocks, and by being a "big brother" for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. His passion for mentoring kids goes well beyond teaching music, as his passion resonates in helping kids smile, build self confidence, and guide them to be little super heroes that will help fight against the day to day crimes of boredom, bullying, and low self confidence.


Trained in the art of super hero brilliance, have this "Fabulous character" at your next party to train your little super hero to become a full fledged honorary Avenger.



Fab is friends with Spiderman

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